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Turnaround management is a process dedicated to corporate renewal.

It’s about “turning” the company from its current course to a new path.

Our purpose is to advise and help organizations to face and overcome their challenge.

We accompany businesses, Ownership, and Management to master successfully the desired “turnaround”, with the aim of increasing profitability and value for sustainable long-lasting growth.


We conduct business in a way that is transparent, honest, and trustworthy. We show consideration and value for people as individuals and we nourish diversity of demographics and of thought. We have the ability to adapt quickly and easily, work collaboratively, efficiently, and flexibly. We pay attention to processes and outcomes, being outstanding.

Our Philosophy

Today the world needs not primarily wealth but a vision. It is our conviction that there is an opportunity, energy, purpose to this society. Leaders become wise when they address the dilemmas of modern business in a holistic way and create and capture vital economic value, sustainable and legitimate.

Our Commitment to Results

We give our best when Clients need rapid solutions, transformation, or out-performing results, anywhere in the world. Our nimble, insightful and highly personalized approach has ensured we build sustainable and innovative solutions that make a lasting impact to your business.

Our Experience

The coronavirus crisis has brought us closer to ‘Business Modernism’, showing us that organizations need a new breed of adventurous leaders who can develop a new interface between people and technology. Emphasis on communication has raised people’s capacity to embrace new co-created initiatives at solving the problems caused by the pandemic.

Modern City


Service Compensation

 The general perception is that “consultancy” is expensive. Not me! I take on passionately the challenge of my clients and share the risk & the reward. • Basic and modest “survival fee” with travel costs strictly necessary all low-cost, low profile • Service Fee compensation based on a Pay for Performance principal


Luca Gnecco


Experienced and global CEO, with the flair, creativity and drive to deliver significant and profitable change. A unique combination of strategic vision, commercial abilities and relationship building. A well-rounded team player with proven management skills, charismatic leadership, that develop and motivate exceptional teams across geographical and cultural boundaries. Recognized for superior creative problem solving skills, social competence and emotional intelligence, adept at quickly getting things done.

Phone: + 39 338 430 1953​

Languages: Fluent in English, Italian, and Spanish. Conversational French and Portuguese. Basic survival German.

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